What it Means to be QND Raiders

Members of the Class of 2010 created this list of what it means to be QND RAIDERS and it still holds true today!

Q – Quality

Students at QND receive a quality education and are given the opportunity for success. Teachers encourage all students to do their best in everything done inside and outside the classroom.

N – Notable

QND is noted for its spiritual and family atmosphere. For the graduates of 2010, QND will always be noted for the amazing friends, good times shared and the incredible memories created.

D – Dreams

QND gives students the foundation and encouragement to achieve anything they dream of doing. We have built a religious foundation that will help us achieve even the seemingly impossible dreams that we have.

R – Relationships

Starting in freshmen year, students meet new people and form new relationships. They are strengthened and become everlasting relationships as everyone get to know each other.

A – Achievement

QND students conquer the toughest athletic competitors, the most prestigious musical ensembles and the craziest deadlines. By graduation, we have stepped up to the challenge and achieved our goals. We are ready to continue to try our best to live the lives God has planned for us. With His help, we can achieve anything.

I – Individuality

The family atmosphere at QND gives every student an opportunity to embrace their own individuality. The faculty embraces every student’s unique individuality and strives to push each student to their limits.

D – Dedication

Students are dedicated to academics and school work, athletics, music, jobs, community and family. The administrators, faculty, and staff are dedicated to guiding and preparing students for the future. Parents and family are dedicated to providing their children the opportunity to attend QND.

E – Experience

What do students take away from QND? Experiences that we will remember for a lifetime. Whether the experience was celebrating an athletic victory or working through a problem at home, members of the QND family were always there to support one another.

R – Remember

As we move on to more challenging events, we need to remember the lessons that we have learned at QND and apply them. Remember to think things through.

S – Success

QND encourages students to work hard and never stop dreaming, daring, or imagining how successful they can become.

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