QND Wish List

Are you looking for creative ways to make a difference? Take a look at the wish list below with items that would make a positive difference in a student’s experience at QND. If you would like to contribute to a project, please contact QND Foundation Executive Director Kurt Stuckman at 217-224-2598 or kstuckman@quincynotredame.org for more details.


Continuing Education Fund for QND Teachers

QND is in need of funding for continuing education opportunities for our teachers to stay up to date on the latest advancements in teaching techniques and technology.

Approximate Cost: $5,000 annually


Office Chairs for Willer Conference Room Wish Granted

QND is in need of 15 executive office chairs for the Willer Conference Room.

Approximate Cost: $5,000


Electronic Scoreboard for Gymnasium

The electronic scoreboard would replace the current one and would include a digital screen for advertising and other graphics throughout games and events.

Approximate Cost: $50,000


Hall of Fame Kiosk

The electronic kiosk would be located in the gym and would virtually display all QND Hall of Fame inductees. With the kiosk, searches can be done for inductees by name or year inducted.

Approximate Cost: $15,000


Outdoor Bleachers  Wish Granted

These bleachers are for the west side of the football/soccer field that would include visitors seating. The bleachers would seat 500 spectators.

Approximate Cost:  $80,000


Outdoor Sound System   Wish Granted

Updating the outdoor speaker system for better clarity and the ability to effectively do player introductions in conjunction with the new scoreboard.

Approximate Cost:  $45,000


QND Outdoor Tent   Wish Granted

QND is in need of a new outdoor tent to replace the current one which is approximately 20 years old and has had several years of wear and tear on it.

Approximate Cost: $6,000



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