Illinois Music Educators’ Association All-District

For the 2nd year in a row, 17 Quincy Notre Dame music students have been selected, by audition, to participate in the  Illinois Music Educators’ Association All-District Festival which will be held at Western Illinois University in Macomb on Saturday, November 2.

Concert Band: Michelle Bingheim, trumpet; Alexis Li, flute; Breanna McCaughey, flute; Byrce Rupp, percussion; Ben Scholz; trumpet

Jazz Band: Ben Scholz, trumpet

Chorus:  Megan Arment, alto; Samuel Dust, bass; Madeline Eaton, alto; Elyse Hilotin, alto; Allison Hutson, soprano; Rachel Loyd, soprano; Zachariah O’Quinn, bass; Jack Oatey, bass; Payton Reichert, soparano; Conor Schafer, tenor; Zach VanderBol, bass; David Webb, tenor

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