QND 2015 Annual Fund Drive Exceeds Goal

Quincy Notre Dame Annual Fund Drive 2015 Co-Chairs Jennifer Winking ‘84 and Patrick Hibbeler ’70 announced that the drive raised $457,395 in gifts and pledges exceeding its goal by $33,395. The announcement was made at the Annual Fund Volunteer and Donor Appreciation Gathering held this evening in the QND Library. Jaden Sangoi, a senior at QND, shared his appreciation with volunteers and donors on behalf of the student body during the event.

The 38th Annual Fund Drive was led by Jennifer Winking and Patrick Hibbeler, and nearly 400 volunteers working in the business, parish and alumni phases. Hibbeler reflects on how far the Annual Fund Drive has come over the years and relates the drive’s success to its many dedicated volunteers.

“Having had the opportunity at a young age to see the genesis of the Annual Fund Drive during my dad’s years on the board and then become part of it forty years later has been an incredible journey in how far the QND Fund Drive has come,” states Hibbeler. “The amazing dedication that the volunteers and staff have demonstrated year after year to successfully bring in the needed contributions so that Quincy Notre Dame can continue to carry on its mission of educating the future leaders in our community is nothing short of spectacular.”

Annual Fund Drive volunteers spread the message, combining the statistical results of receiving a QND education with a personal, inside look at the everyday interactions with the school. Donors were able to hear student testimonials and view the campaign video illustrating the opportunities at QND during Commitment Weekend in the Quincy and Hannibal Catholic Parishes and on the QND website.

Kurt Stuckman, executive director of the QND Foundation, noted the importance of focusing and providing donors with information as to how investments positively impact QND. “We continue to work hard to ensure our donors are well aware of the impact they make by donating to QND. It is critical for supporters of QND to see their investment in action. Our increased results compared to 2014, illustrate the success generated by great leadership and tremendous community support. I would like to thank both Jennifer and Pat for co-chairing the campaign, our division leaders, Commitment Weekend co-chairs, Phon-a-thon callers and all of our volunteers who helped us meet and exceed our goal,” states Stuckman.

The QND Annual Fund Drive keeps tuition affordable by paying a portion of the school’s operating expenses to close the gap between the cost to educate and student tuition. The campaign also provides financial assistance to students. Over the past 37 years, more than $12 million has been contributed to QND’s annual drives.

QND’s 2015 campaign began January 16 at a kick-off breakfast, with the QND faculty, staff, board members, and area pastors announcing their 100% participation in the effort.

Forty-eight percent of the Annual Fund Drive total was raised in the Advanced Phase, thirty-six percent in the Parish Phase, and sixteen percent in the Alumni Phase.

Division chairs for the 2015 Advanced Phase, business portion of the drive, were as follows: Kirk Frageman, Steve Green, Jared Haugh, Jill Mason, Andrew Mays, Jayne Pieper, Alan Musholt, Debbie Naught, Jim Obert and Jacob Scholz.

Quincy and Hannibal Catholic parishioners were asked for their pledges and contributions in the Parish Phase on Commitment Weekend, March 7-8.

The following individuals served as chairs for Commitment Weekend 2015:

St. Anthony: Rev. Tom Hagstrom; Bill and Ann Dixon; and Pete and Kelly Little.

St. Francis: Rev. Don Blaeser, OFM; Randy and Julie Reis; Rick and Lucy Sparrow; and Andrew and Stacey Staff.

Blessed Sacrament: Msgr. Michael Kuse; Amanda Heck; and Mark and Beth Hayes.

St. Peter: Msgr. Leo Enlow; Tim and Lori Brenner; Kevin and Tami Cain; and Kent and Karen Kite.

Holy Family, Hannibal, Mo.: Rev. Mike Quinn; Lori Dowil.

The last portion of the campaign, the Alumni Phase, asked for support from out-of-town alumni through contact by current QND students and volunteers during the annual Phon-a-thon, May 4-7.


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