UPDATE: Less than $250,000 to raise for The Campaign for Quincy Notre Dame


Quincy, Ill. – At a groundbreaking ceremony June 9th, the Quincy Notre Dame Foundation announced the launch of the public phase of The Campaign for Quincy Notre Dame with a total goal of $6 million to expand and revitalize the school.

Campaign fundraising began in April 2016 and to-date has raised over $5.725 million in pledges.

We are asking the public to show their support and help us finish off the campaign. The goal is to have the new wing under roof by winter and completed for the 2018-19 school year.

Campaign expansion plans call for the construction of two new science labs to serve chemistry, physics and biology, an expanded physical science classroom, two additional classrooms and a new principal’s office and two guidance counselor offices. Plans also involve campus revitalization projects including renovating public restrooms and electrical power supply, upgrading HVAC systems and constructing an athletic concourse.

“We had a choice to keep advancing QND in the right direction or fall behind; clearly, the choice was an easy one for us,” said Mark McDowell, QND principal. “We see much advancement in the areas of STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math). We feel QND is moving in the right direction to implement those advancements,” said McDowell.

QND will continue to build the endowment in order to secure the school’s long-term financial stability. “We know how important Catholic secondary education is in Quincy; therefore, a minimum of $1 million of the campaign goal will be set aside to build the endowment for our future,” said Kurt Stuckman, executive director, QND Foundation.

“As we embark on the largest campaign in the history of the school, it is imperative that we do not forget the most important annual fundraiser which is the QND Fund Drive,” stated Chris Niemann, campaign co-chair. “I am very excited to report, QND was able to raise over $447,798 towards the 40th QND Fund Drive chaired by Rich Marcolla and Jared Haugh,” said Niemann. The QND Fund Drive is included in The Campaign for Quincy Notre Dame.

“The Campaign for Quincy Notre Dame has been an extensive and focused process to have reached this point,” said Stuckman. “We have spent the last four years doing our homework and working off of the facilities portion of our long range plan. We want to ensure we have a successful campaign that will allow us to provide the best quality education to our students. We have over 75 individuals who have taken on a leadership role within the campaign and who believe in our mission.”

The campaign chairpersons are Frank and Vickie Arnold, John and Helen Cornell, Jared and Beth Haugh, Mike and Patty McCaughey, Mike and Lucinda McClain, Chris and Tammy Niemann, Chuck and Becky Scholz, and Mark and Beth Tyrpin.

“It is important for the future of our school that we continue to build and improve what we do. QND is a tremendous steward of donated funds, which is why we remain a debt-free school. We are extremely appreciative of support from our donors and we are always cognizant of how dollars are spent,” said Stuckman.

For more information about The Campaign for Quincy Notre Dame or to donate online, please visit www.QNDCapitalCampaign.org.


Groundbreaking ceremony June 9, 2017

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