Technology Mission:

The technology mission of Quincy Notre Dame High school focuses on providing each student the opportunity to maximize educational opportunities and to enhance learning through cutting edge technology.

Beliefs and Vision:

Every student can be successful when he or she is provided high expectations and sufficient support. Students at QND are held to higher standards for success.

All teachers and staff will be supported by utilizing sufficient resources and on-going professional development designed to broaden skills and ultimately impact learning of QND students.

Quincy Notre Dame High School realizes the importance of technology in the learning process. Our focus is to provide our students with the best learning environment possible. Over the past few years we have implemented an action plan that has included upgrading our computer labs, securing and implementing the use of SMART boards and the associated technology in the classrooms, as well using Elmos and data projectors. An area of specific focus has been the upgrade to school-wide wireless internet capabilities. The Technology Committee has also secured iPads for each academic department. In conjunction with the Quincy Notre Dame Foundation, grants have been submitted for mobile iPad learning labs to be used within various classrooms in the school.

1:1 Learning

QND began a four year rollout of 1:1 learning utilizing Apple iPads starting with the 2012-13 school year.  iPads are now an integral part across the curriculum; creating opportunities for improving communication and collaboration, offering higher levels of engagement and providing new and creative outlets to demonstrate learning. Students have more responsibility through student directed learning with greater student involvement in both instruction and assessment. In an increasingly global world, students must also learn to collaborate with others, both directly and through technology, to achieve success.

QND focuses on a blended curriculum for our students, educating the 21st century learner. A tremendous amount of research has been conducted throughout this process. QND has continued to make huge strides in the area of technology and feels this is the next step in the process. The continued updated integration of technology into the learning process will enable QND students to receive the best education possible.

For more information, please contact Jeffrey Agard, QND Director of Technology, at 217-223-2479.

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