QND Adopt-a-Student Program

This special program offers the opportunity to provide scholarship grants for students who may not have the chance to attend QND without the help of people like you. Every child deserves to be educated in a faith-centered environment and tuition costs should not be a deterrent. Our goal is to make a QND education affordable for every family.

The Adopt-a-Student Program includes the option of providing a grant for a student for one year with paying for the actual cost to educate a student, tuition for one year, or tuition for one semester. The grants can be funded by one payment or by monthly payments.

Please consider investing in the education and future of a QND student in a nuturing faith-based environment.

For more information, please contact Kurt Stuckman, Executive Director of the QND Foundation Office, at 217-224-2598 orĀ kstuckman@quincynotredame.org.

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