Why Support QND?

“Being a student at QND helped form my sense of community and a belief that it’s normal to have high expectations. This established a framework that I have built on throughout my professional career. From my first year in accounting with Mr. Greving through college and in my career as a CPA. Part of the reason we moved back to Quincy from Kansas City was fueled by the fact that our girls would be driven by the same sense of community offered at QND.”

~ Dana (Heckenkamp) Dreier ’89


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What is the impact of an education at Quincy Notre Dame?
  • Quality education offering solid core curriculum and several college accredited courses with college professors teaching on QND’s campus.
  • Holistic learning experience: Spiritual Growth focusing on Christian ideals, attitudes, values, commitment and service; Dedicated learning environment focusing on academic excellence providing the skills and nurture to succeed.
  • Promotion of a safe and family environment with the faculty and staff caring about the students and students caring about each other.
  • QND students with diverse backgrounds sharing their life experiences with one another.
  • Raider Pride providing strong character formation.
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