Mega Raffle Presents “Give-Back” Check to Schools

Executive Director of the QND Foundation, Kurt Stuckman, recently presented all five Quincy Catholic schools a check which they earned through the “Ticket Give-Back” program from the 2021 Mega Raffle.

The “Ticket Give-Back” program, which awards up to $40,000 to the schools, allows ticket purchasers to indicate on their ticket if they would like to designate $10 of their $100 ticket to a specific school.
This “Ticket Give-Back” program is part of the annual “Everybody Wins” Mega Raffle which raises money for the Quincy Catholic Elementary Schools and Quincy Notre Dame Foundations.

The Mega Raffle would not be the success it is without the support of all five Quincy Catholic schools and their families. Congratulations and thank you to each school!

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