Parting Words from Mrs. Pat Lask

Mrs. Pat Lask has retired from QND after 41 years of dedicated service to our students, families and entire school community.  Below are her parting words that she shared with us about her time at QND.  We will miss her dearly.

Earlier in the year, I was interviewed about Quincy Notre Dame High School. As with any interview, my thoughts continued after the interview was over, and I realized I had more to say about the topic, which involved different elements about QND. These thoughts are what I am telling you about now.

What makes QND different from other schools? Most people say it is like a family here. It is, warts and all. We accept people for themselves and work together for improvement. We care about each other. We draw strength from each other. We believe in each other.

Looking at things from the educational perspective also makes QND unique.Most schools offer the “big three” of training: physical, mental, and emotional. We have those three, but we also have a fourth dimension. It is the spiritual.

Students question what is important in their lives. We have answers to those questions and are free to give them. Public schools do not have the same freedom. Students have a choice in the direction of their lives. They can see what kindness can do to help people because they see it in action. They can begin to develop their social conscience which can carry them through life and help the community. They can see how faith in God changes people to move beyond themselves. The chapel is in the center of QND for a reason. It has always been there.

Do students see these items while they are in school? Not usually. It takes an adult perspective to see how the trials of life can be managed and still have joy through them. It takes a look back to see how far a person has come. The people who are adults here understand that perspective. Students (and adults) who are currently working through the pandemic will look behind when it is over and realize how much we all have grown through and beyond it.

In the interview, I was asked what I took pride in at QND. I did not have a ready answer for pride. The only reason I am successful as a teacher is that I give everything over to the Holy Spirit for the day. His wisdom keeps me going.

The word that works for me at QND is appreciation. I appreciate my colleagues, my administrative team, and especially my students. You are the best. Thank you, QND, for making this the place for me. Best wishes for your future.

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