Our Needs

Through a comprehensive needs assessment process, items have been identified as fundamental to the viability and sustainability to the mission of QND. If our needs are addressed, QND will be in a position to further enhance an already strong educational institution.

The following needs have been identified throughout the planning process:

  • Our science labs are in desperate need of being expanded and updated with the latest technology and opportunities.
  • Additional classrooms are needed to enhance and expand our current curriculum.
  • Restrooms across from the main office and library need updating.
  • New guidance and principal offices in the front of school are essential for easier access by┬ástudents and parents.
  • Current electrical power supply and HVAC upgrades are necessary for the functionality and safety of those in our school.
  • The QND Fund Drive has to remain an ongoing priority in order to keep the cost of tuition affordable to all families.
  • The QND Endowment needs to continue to grow in order to plan to secure the future of our school.

Although the facilities have served us well throughout the years, it is now time to take the next step and prepare for our future. The Campaign For Quincy Notre Dame will take a major step in the direction of implementing the facilities long-range plan and meeting our goals of an attractive, quality, and functional academic environment.

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