QND Adopts the House System

Quincy Notre Dame has adopted the House System to build closer community relationships within our school. This student-based leadership program will meet once a week with their “house” composed of approximately 25 students grades 9 through 12 and an adult mentor.  Four houses make up one Community.  Currently we have four Communities and 16 Houses.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for our students to develop and have input with the creation of House names, colors, etc. for current and future Raiders. During House time, activities will be led by two student leaders and will focus on team building and include faith formation activities, soft skill training, and other group activities.

The benefits of House System include:

  • The House System will build a stronger school community promoting student intellectual, moral, social, spiritual and emotional growth.
  • Individual Houses will foster leadership skills, expand mentorship, and increase participation and team building.  They build a stronger sense of community across all grade levels, interests and activities. Faculty and staff also become more involved in the lives of the students.
  • QND will grow from stronger student leadership, positive peer pressure, healthy competition and increased school spirit.

Student leaders have stepped up and taken charge to get this program started with the help of our faculty and staff. QND looks forward to embarking on this exciting time!

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