QND Foundation Receives $500,000 Estate Gift

The Quincy Notre Dame Foundation received a substantial bequest from the estate of Charles Lugo. This $500,000 gift from the estate will be invested for the benefit of Quincy Notre Dame High School. This estate gift is one of the largest gifts that the QND Foundation has received.

“Charlie was a humble, kindhearted and compassionate man who deeply loved the Quincy community and Quincy Notre Dame,” stated Kurt Stuckman, executive director of the QND Foundation. “Sales was Charlie’s passion, he loved spending time with people and was instrumental in making calls for the QND Fund Drive.”

“This transformational gift will cement his legacy forever in the lives of QND families and students. We are humbled by Charlie’s generosity and dedication to making a lasting impact.”

The QND Foundation operates to financially support Quincy Notre Dame High School by bridging the gap of what it costs to educate a student and what is charged for tuition. Funding also provides financial assistance to students.