QND House System Raider Cup

Quincy Notre Dame High School held its 2nd Annual Raider Cup Day on April 26. This is the culminating event for the QND House program. The four communities of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John competed in a variety of activities to earn points for their Houses and Communities.

Points from the day were added to those earned throughout the school year from attendance at concerts and athletic events, friendly gym and field competitions, GPA average, etc.

The 2022-23 winners included the Community of Luke and the House of St. Pantaleon.

2022-23 Champions Community of St. Luke
2022-23 Champions Community of St. Luke

What is the QND House System?

QND adopted the House System in 2021 to build closer community relationships within our school.

This student-based leadership program has two student House Captains that help guide
32 student House Leaders. Each House is comprised of two House Leaders, approximately 25 students in grades 9 through 12, as well as an adult mentor. Four Houses make up one Community.

We have four Communities: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Houses meet on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for 30 minutes. House activities are led by two student House Leaders, a junior and a senior, and focus on team building, faith formation activities and other group activities.

Our House System will continue to:
• build a stronger school community across all grade levels
• foster leadership skills, expand mentorship, and focus on team building opportunities
• and spur positive peer pressure, healthy competition and contribute to increased school spirit.

House of St. Pantaleon
House of St. Pantaleon
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