Msgr. Mike Kuse ’59


“Having witnessed how Quincy Notre Dame provided for my future, I am always excited to support any effort what will enhance the fantastic opportunities that are available for the students who attend QND. The enthusiasm of the teachers and students creates a terrific environment for them to celebrate their Catholic faith.”



Frank ’63 and Vickie (Ehrhardt) ’65 Arnold

“We are very proud to say we are products of Catholic education, as graduates of Catholic elementary schools, Christian Brothers and Notre Dame. Serving on the QND School Board and participating in volunteer activities at QND we have been privileged to be a part of the schools development. As our three children attended QND, we have witnessed first hand the incredible devotion and skill of the school’s teaching staff and administration. We have seen students become leaders in their community reflecting the great pride they have in their school. The “QND family” is more than a catch phrase, it is part of what makes Quincy Notre Dame one of the top ten strengths of our local community.”


Kyle ’00 and Kimberly (Genenbacher) ’00 Venvertloh


“Quincy Notre Dame has inspired many individuals to higher levels of faith, education, and service.  Now, we want to help QND fulfill its mission for the next 150 years.  We’re proud to be part of QND’s Capital Campaign.  Go Raiders!”






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