Catholic Heart Workcamp


Virginia Beach, VA was the destination for 89 QND students and 17 adult leaders to volunteer their time to work at a Catholic Heart Workcamp on June 16 – 22. They had the opportunity to help renew and revitalize homes and non-profit organizations in the Virginia Beach area. They joined other groups from Wisconsin, North Carolina and Virginia.

This year’s theme was:

CATHOLIC HEART WORKCAMP invited students to BE SEEN this summer serving in communities to bring about hope and love! We are called to act and reflect the love of Christ. This is a challenge to stand out from the crowd, to speak out against injustice, to get active, and to recognize those in need. BE SEEN and get caught doing good works! Not to say “look at me” but to BE SEEN so that others can see Christ through you. Standing out in this way might mean living an uncommon life, doing things differently from the pace of the crowd. Show your unique colors in a world that can seem so black and white when we conform.THIS SUMMER move forward and see yourself in a new way, as Christ sees you. Your eyes will be opened to the world and to your God given potential to help change it. Join us at Catholic HEART Workcamp in our mission to BE Christ through serving others.

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