QND Mission

Mission Statement

Founded on Catholic values, Quincy Notre Dame High School educates lifelong learners for lives of service.


QND MissionQuincy Notre Dame, as a private, Catholic co-educational school, seeks to build a community of learners among its faculty, staff, students and parents. Founded on faith in God and trust among its members, this community strives to make Catholic values an integral part of its existence. Quincy Notre Dame fosters an environment of consideration and acceptance, while challenging its members to develop their potential through strong educational and extracurricular programs. Quincy Notre Dame strives to prepare its students to assume vital Christian roles in a constantly changing world.


In accordance with the teaching mission of the Church, Quincy Notre Dame endeavors to promote spiritual strength, academic excellence, social and leisure skills, and responsible citizenship in a Catholic Christian atmosphere.

  • Theology classes, required of Catholic students, and open to others, reinforce knowledge of Catholic doctrine and worship. Campus Ministry and the Quincy Notre Dame community provide religious experiences and encourage the development of Christian ideals, attitudes, values, commitment, and service.
  • The competent, dedicated faculty of Quincy Notre Dame assists students to achieve academic success commensurate with their abilities, and challenges them to develop their talents, recognize their limitations, think constructively, and reason independently.
  • Quincy Notre Dame provides opportunities in class and school activities for interaction among students and between students and adults. A variety of intellectual, physical, and aesthetic extra-curricular activities enables students to develop career awareness and to enhance social and leisure skills for current and future life.
  • This Christian academic environment at Quincy Notre Dame fosters respect for the American heritage, awareness of the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship, and an understanding of the individual’s role in promoting a just society both locally and globally.
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