About Quincy Notre Dame

Quincy is located on the banks of the Mississippi River 100 miles West of Springfield, Illinois and 120 miles Northwest of St. Louis. It is considered a retail and service industry hub for residents within a 100-mile radius. The city is populated with over 42,000 people and is known for its thriving business sector, including a number of high-tech manufacturers with worldwide reputations. The secondary educational community is served by a public high school of 1800 and Quincy Notre Dame High School of approximately 400 students. There are four parochial elementary schools (Pre-K through 8th) with approximately 1,000 students enrolled.

Quincy Notre Dame, as a Catholic co-educational school, seeks to build a community of learners among its faculty, staff, students, and parents. Founded on faith in God and trust among its members, this community strives to make Catholic values an integral part of its existence. Quincy Notre Dame fosters an environment of consideration and acceptance, while challenging its members to develop their potential through strong educational and extracurricular programs. Quincy Notre Dame strives to prepare its students to assume vital Christian roles in a constantly changing world.

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