Planning a Class Reunion

The QND Foundation office is here to help with your class reunion. Below are a few guidelines and tips to help you get started.

  • Form a Reunion Committee (optional).
  • Contact QND Foundation office at 217-224-2598 or email Stacey Staff at with date of reunion (if interested call first and receive a fall school calendar with football schedule).
  • Pick up class list with address, phone, and email information from QND Foundation office.
  • Update class list and return to QND Foundation office so we can update our database.
  • Plan all details of reunion (venue, entertainment, food, drinks, pricing, etc.).
  • Create a Save the Date (optional) and give it to QND Foundation office to be copied and mailed.
  • Once all details are finalized, create Invitation and give it to QND Foundation office to be copied and mailed.
  • QND Foundation office will post class reunion details on the QND website.
  • If a Class Reunion Book is made, please share a copy with us for our reunion file.
  • For a ten year class reunion, pick up your Senior Year Letters to distribute to your classmates.
  • Consider creating a Class Scholarship; please call Kurt Stuckman, Executive Director of QND Foundation, at 217-224-2598 for more details.

The QND Foundation office will provide:

  • Class list
  • Fall school calendar/football schedule
  • Posting of reunion details on QND website
  • Copies of Save the Date and Invitation
  • Envelopes addressed to classmates (will use class list that you update for most current addresses) Postage for two mailings, Save the Date and Invitation
  • Information on establishing Class Scholarships


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