QND Scholarship Opportunities

A Catholic education is a tremendously valuable tool as we prepare our students for the productive lives they will lead well into the future. In order for Catholic education to remain affordable, the Quincy Notre Dame Foundation depends on and strongly encourages endowed scholarships. An endowed scholarship can be started at QND with $10,000. These funds are invested and dividends from the principle are what support yearly tuition assistance to QND students. More importantly these endowed scholarships last in perpetuity. Thirty percent of QND students receive some sort of financial aid while attending QND.

Scholarships can be named as a class legacy, in honor of a parent/family member, current or deceased student/classmate, or even a friend. QND has more than 165 scholarships that represent over $300,000 annually toward tuition assistance to QND students. Once established, an endowed scholarship can be donated to at anytime throughout the year: birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, or just a way to say “thank you.”

Why are scholarships so important? The following is a quote from a QND student that captures why they are imperative. “QND has instilled a plethora of values into me that will last a lifetime. Students are able to freely express their religious values and share with others what their religion means to them. Because of your gift, students like me have been able to attend this phenomenal school,” Rachel, Class of 2009.

Should you have any questions or want to inquire about setting up a scholarship please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Kurt Stuckman, QND Foundation Executive Director, 1400 South 11th Street, Quincy, IL 62301 at (217) 224-2598 or kstuckman@quincynotredame.org.

We hope you would consider a gift to the Quincy Notre Dame Foundation to start a scholarship. Scholarships are awarded based on financial need and included in tuition assistance packages. The school determines recipients based on financial need reported by the Private School Service (PSAS). They are granted as partial tuition scholarships.

Listed below are all the scholarships QND currently manages.

Peter V. Affre Scholarship
Steve Akers Scholarship
Tom & Joyce Alford Scholarship
Thomas & Bette Awerkamp Scholarship
Daniel R. Barry Scholarship
Mike Barton Endowed Scholarship
Father Roy Bauer Scholarship
Marilyn & Harold Bertrand Scholarship
Joseph M. Blickhan Scholarship
Mark A. Blickhan Scholarship
Fred G. & Wilma E. Bloss Scholarship
Frederick W. Bloss Scholarship
Mark E. Bocke Scholarship
Kathryn (Koehler) Bollock Scholarship
Bozarth Family Endowed Scholarship
Charles R. & Carolyn A. Briddle Scholarship
Paul Brown - Janise Denton Scholarship
Albert & Nelle Bruce Scholarship
John Bunting Endowed Scholarship
Class of 1946 Scholarship
Class of 1947 Korean War Veterans
Class of 1957 Scholarship
Class of 1959 Scholarship
Class of 1962 Scholarship
Class of 1964 Scholarship
Class of 1965 Scholarship
Class of 1966 Scholarship
Class of 1967 Scholarship
Class of 1968 Scholarship
Class of 1969 Scholarship
Class of 1970 Scholarship
Class of 1971 Scholarship
Class of 1972 Scholarship
Class of 1973 Scholarship
Class of 1974 Scholarship
Class of 1975 Scholarship
Class of 1976 Scholarship
Class of 1979 Scholarship
Class of 1980 Scholarship
Class of 1981
Class of 1984/Joe Hoebing Scholarship
Class of 1987 Scholarship
Class of 1989 Scholarship
Class of 1990 Scholarship
Richard & Elizabeth Cox Scholarship
Ron & Dorothy Cudney Scholarship
Isabelle Daly Scholarship
Robert R. Deters Math Scholarship
Willard R. Detrick Scholarship
Mandi Dickerman Scholarship
Dickson/Koester Endowed Scholarship
Dittmeyer-McElyea Engineering Scholarship
Roger & Leola Ehrhardt Scholarship
John & Jeanette Ehrhart Scholarship
Richard & Betty Ehrhart Scholarship
Madonna Eversman Scholarship
Jim & Peggy Finigan Scholarship
Jerome C. Fischer Fine Arts Scholarship
Robert G. & Louise A. Fischer Scholarship
Jim Freiburg Endowed Scholarship
Albert and Pauline Frericks Scholarship
Eugene "“Grover”" Frericks Scholarship
Terri Frericks Memorial Scholarship
Ben & Phyllis L. Giannell Scholarship
Lawrence H. & Thomas L. Gramke Scholarship
Timothy L. Haley Endowed Scholarship
Don & Carol (Schildt) Harvey Endowed Scholarship
Zak Haubrich Endowed Scholarship
Francis & Alma Haugh Family Scholarship
Judy & Rick Haugh Endowed Merit Scholarship
Ray & Lenore Heilmann Scholarship
Heintz Electric Company Scholarship
Merle & Joan Hellhake Endowed Scholarship
Donald & Mary Ann Henke Annual Scholarship
Laura (Schuering '77) Henke Nursing Endowed Scholarship
Patrick Hibbeler Scholarship
Edward C. Hinkamper Scholarship
Ronald W. Hinkamper Scholarship
Alex J. Hoffman Scholarship
The Good and Faithful Servant Award in Memory of Allison Holbrook
Hopkins-Zwick Book Scholarship
Albert "Butch" & Evelyn Jansen Scholarship
Lawrence & Anna Jochem Scholarship
Johannes/Lammers Family Scholarship
Jerome & Wilma Kalmer Scholarship
Wilfred & Connie Kaltenbach Scholarship
Richard W. & Nancy A. Kamphaus Scholarship
John & Deanne Keating Family Scholarship
Jill (Hull) Kelly Nursing Scholarship
Norman Kemner Scholarship
Ted Kemner Architectural Award
Mary Lou Kent Scholarship
Don S. & Marian F. Kesler Scholarship
Beverly & William Killen Scholarship
Donald & Mary Klapprott Annual Scholarship
Roy & Verda Klues Raider Pride Award
Katie Kroeter Memorial Scholarship
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Kuhn Endowed Scholarship
Msgr. Michael Kuse Annual Scholarship
Fred W. Koch Lions Club Fund
Larue-Cavanaugh Scholarship
Thomas "TJ" Lavery Erudite Student Scholarship
Jack & Sharon Mackenzie Scholarship
John Maguire Family Scholarship
Walter Mast Scholarship
Luke Mayfield Scholarship
Rev. Gerald McCaughey Scholarship
Elmo "Mac" & Marge McClain Scholarship
Michael '65 & Lucinda Awerkamp '67 McClain Scholarship
Thomas E. McElyea Science Scholarship
Henry P. & Frederick A. McLaughlin Endowed Scholarship
Daniel J. & Maxine McLaughlin Scholarship
Bishop Joseph McNicholas Scholarship
Messick Family Foundation Scholarship
Brett A. Miller Memorial Scholarship
Robert J. & Helen L. Miller Scholarship
Monroe Scholarship
Mother Dennis Foundation Scholarship
Jane (Siepker) Nolan '55 Endowed Scholarship
David Adam Oakley Scholarship
Lisa Oakley Endowed Scholarship
Marjorie Ott Scholarship
Martin (Marty) E. Peters Scholarship
Dean & Dee Phillips Scholarship
Emily Powers Berryman Scholarship
Howard & Joanne Powers Scholarship
Rachel Powers Stuckman Scholarship
Maude Jarboe Pratt Scholarship
Doc & Regina Preston Scholarship
Kathy Ann Klues Putnam Scholarship
QND Legends Scholarship
Melvin & Lucille Rakers Scholarship
John T. & Mildred Reardon Scholarship
Richard Reis Scholarship
Sam & Patricia Rinella Scholarship
Mike & Laura Beth Rokita Scholarship
Kyle David Russell Scholarship
Fred C. & Norma Scharnhorst
Robert & Joanne Schlepphorst Scholarship
Dorothy Schlipman Scholarship
Herman & Venita Schneidman
Charles A. & Nancy Scholz PMO Scholarship
Scholz Scholarship
Ed & Carolyn Schuering Family Scholarship
Gene & Becky Siebers Scholarship
Steve Siebers Scholarship
Jeff & Theresa Spear Scholarship
John & Dode Spring Scholarship
Karen (Jansen) Spring Scholarship
St. Dominic Annual Academic Scholarships
Stadler Family Scholarship
Leo & Marilyn Stegeman Scholarship
Lawrence F. & Anita Virginia Steinkamp & Family Scholarship
Byron C. Stickler Scholarship
Thomas & Barbara Strieker Scholarship
Sturhahn Jewelers Annual Scholarship
Robert Terstriep Family Scholarship
Frederick "Fritz" L. Thomas Scholarship
Fr. Augustus Tolton Scholarship
Town & Country Midwest Annual Scholarship
Dr. James & Norma Tushaus Scholarship
Dick & Paula Tushaus Scholarship
Derek J. (D.J.) Venvertloh Scholarship
Ferd & Betty Venvertloh Scholarship
LeRoy Venvertloh & Family Science Scholarship
WCU/John A. Spring Award for Excellence
Sharon Waterkotte Scholarship
Dr. William & Margaret Weckbach Scholarship
Eric Weiman Passion for Life Scholarship
Connie Niemann Wheeler Scholarship
Mark A. & Karen J. Wiewel Endowed Band Scholarship
Ted & Pat Willer Endowed Scholarship
Bob & Judy Winking Endowed Scholarship
Karen Zopf Scholarship
Dale & Shirley J. Zuspann Scholarship
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