Graduation Requirements

All students must carry a full program of studies. That is, Seniors must carry up to 6 credits, Juniors, Sophomores and Freshmen – 6.5 credits. For graduation a total of 25 credits is required.*

Department Number of Credits
Business (Consumer Economics – State Mandated) .50
Freshman Seminar – All Freshmen Must Take .50
Driver’s Ed – All Sophomores Who are Illinois Residents Must Take Classroom Course and Behind the Wheel – State Mandated .50
English 4.00
Fine Arts (Art, Music, Speech) .50
Health – State Mandated .50
Mathematics 3.00
Physical Education – State Mandated 1.00
Religion 4.00
Science 2.00
Social Studies – U.S. and Illinois Constitution (which is included in Civics)- State Mandated 2.50
Electives as needed to total 25.00 credits
* See individual department for specific requirements.

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