Quincy Notre Dame High School is recognized by the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois, the Illinois State Board of Education.

Quincy Notre Dame’s curriculum is structured to provide each student with the opportunity to fulfill educational, spiritual, and emotional needs. Materials and methods are utilized with the welfare of the student in mind. The library and departmental resources provide for in-depth study in all areas. Students are counseled in the selection of an overall program as well as in the selection of courses within a department.

Through a combination of varied instructional methods and courses, the curriculum at Quincy Notre Dame High School is designed to encourage students to develop an interest in and appreciation of the learning process. Students are also challenged to think critically and acquire the skills necessary to meet the demands of an ever-changing world.

QND students will be challenged to accept responsibility for his or her own education and develop the necessary tools to become a responsible Christian citizen. Teachers and students strive to achieve these goals in an atmosphere of mutual Christian concern and respect.

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