Curriculum Information

QND utilizes a curriculum planning guide designed to help QND students and their parents shape an educationally effective course of studies. We hope that with serious planning on the part of the administration, counselors, teachers, parents and students we can graduate informed Christian citizens who will take their responsible places in our democratic society.

Some subjects are required of all students by QND. The requirements are listed in the section entitled QND Graduation Requirements. Some of these requirements are mandated by the state and others by QND. The purpose of these requirements is to provide the student with basic understanding, knowledge and skills necessary in our society. No student may receive QND high school credit for a course taken elsewhere during the year that course is currently offered at QND. Prior approval in writing must be secured from the counselor for any summer school course a student wishes to take and receive credit for at QND.

In planning a program, a student should consider subjects to be taken, career goals and his/her commitments outside of school, including activities, employment and home responsibilities. Ample time and favorable conditions for study should be recognized as essential to satisfactory progress in school.

Graduation from Quincy Notre Dame High School requires 4 years of attendance and study in Grades 9 through 12. It should be recognized that a high school education involves more than the accumulation of credits. Mental, physical and social growth is accomplished through thoughtfully planned and well-organized programs of study and activity.

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered in U.S. History and Calculus. Dual Enrollment classes are offered at QND in Psychology, Life Sciences, Personal Finance, Speech and U.S. History through Quincy University and Sociology through John Wood Community College. Principles of Marketing, Medical Terminology, Weather & Climate, Humanities, Sociology, Education, Law Enforcement and Logistics Management through John Wood Community College online courses.

In order to be accepted into a Grade Weighted and/or Advanced Placement course, a student must have (1) an A or B in a prerequisite course and must have (2) a recommendation form signed by an instructor of a prerequisite class. Class size will be limited. The recommendation forms are available from the Guidance Counselor.

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