St. Joseph of Arimathea Society

The St. Joseph of Arimathea Society is a group of QND students who provide pallbearer service to those in the community who pass away with little or no family.  The school is notified by a local funeral home when they have a client who needs pallbearers. On the day of the burial, the students attend a short prayer service at the school, attend the funeral services, and assist with the burial.  A Mass card is also presented to any friends or family present as the soul of the departed is offered up in prayer through the Holy Mass.

Purpose: Falling under the Ministries of Service and Justice, the St. Joseph of Arimathea Society helps students put their faith in action.  Their service is a direct practice of the Corporal Work of Mercy “Bury the Dead”.  Students learn the importance of providing every human being the dignity of a proper burial. Students also participate in the Spiritual Work of Mercy “Pray For the Living and the Dead” by praying for the soul of the deceased.

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