Retreat Program

QND RetreatReligion is not just a formal classroom study of doctrine. It encompasses a person’s entire life and relationships. Because of this, religious experiences provided need to extend beyond the classroom. One of these experiences is a retreat, which allows a student┬áto focus upon his/her faith life removed from the scheduled responsibilities of school, work, etc. A time is set aside for each class to participate in a QND sponsored retreat experience. Students complete a four-year retreat program.

The goals of this program are to develop in the students an attitude of self-worth, an appreciation for fellow human beings, awareness and understanding of the presence of God in their lives, and a sense of responsibility for and participation in the Catholic Church.

These goals are achieved through structured experiences providing a blend of formal input, varied prayer forms, personal reflection and individual as well as group sharing. A bonding is created among participants because of the sharing of faith life with classmates.

Participation in the QND retreat program is mandatory for all students. TEC and QUEST retreats are encouraged but do not replace the QND retreat program. Only for a serious reason, as determined by the administration, may a student not attend the QND sponsored retreat.

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