93% of QND students participate in extracurricular activities

crowd“As a graduate of Quincy Notre Dame, I now fully understand the meaning of Raider Pride. It goes beyond attending sporting events. Raider Pride is the endless support from the staff, the love and empathy everyone shares for those in need, the respect amongst classmates and the overall sense of support and family.” ~Adriana Brown, Class of 2016

QND believes extracurricular activities are a vital part of the total program of a school. All students are encouraged to participate in any activity in which they are interested.

One goal of QND is to build success in each activity, but we also try to instill in the students a sense of personal discipline and pride. We must learn to have pride not only in ourselves, but in our activity and in our school. We attempt to build team spirit and club or organization spirit that encourages effort, self sacrifice, dedication, preparation, and self-discipline for the good of the activity. Learning to work hard is perhaps the outstanding feature of the educational components. Participation in extracurricular activities is an educational experience with the development of young people so they become successful, productive, and positive adults.

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