Raider Report for Friday, April 3rd

Good Morning Raiders! I hope your first week as Distant Learners has gone well. Please see the Raider Report for the link to the Stations on the Cross that will begin at 10am today. I miss you all very much but am so proud of you for adapting in the midst of this historic pandemic. Please … [Read more...]

Raider Report for Thursday, April 2nd

Good morning Raiders! Have a terrific Thursday. Pour yourself into your studies, proving to the world how adaptable you are! Be proud of how well you are handling the massive changes in your life. If you have a creative way you are staying in touch with friends while still Social Distancing I … [Read more...]

Raider Report for Wednesday, April 1st

Good Morning Raiders! This is no April truly is Raider Pride Day....get creative people...send in a photo or 2 sporting your Raider Pride. Email to We would love to 'see' you all in Blue and Gold! WE ARE HARD PRESSED ON EVERY SIDE, BUT NOT CRUSHED; PERPLEXED, BUT … [Read more...]

Raider Report for Tuesday, March 31st.

Good Morning Raiders~ March has come to an end. In like a lion....out like...well, nothing we have ever seen before! This has been a month of great change and great sacrifice, yet for the majority of us the blessings are still too many to count. *In this season of Lent, we need to remember that … [Read more...]

Raider Report for Monday, March 30th

Good Morning Raiders! I hope the Distant Learning Plan is going smoothly for you. Thank you for your part in making this happen. Learning will always be a 2 way street and everyone involved must approach a new venture with an open mind and embrace it with an open heart. You are RAIDERS...You got … [Read more...]