Grading and Ranking

Quincy Notre Dame assigns letter grades using a 4.0 system. Letter grades are assigned as follows:

A = 100% – 93%

B = 92% – 85%

C = 84% – 77%

D = 76% – 70%

F = 69% – 0

A weighted GPA and ranking is provided on the transcript in addition to the 4.0 ranking. Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment courses are weighted by 1.25 points and Physics and Math Analysis are weighted by 1.125 points. All credit classes are included in computing grade point average and class rank except for Driver’s Education. Grades are recorded on the transcript, and class rank and grade point average are computed in January and June.

Course Classifications

Regular Classes:

Regular Classes are those in which the content, the manner of treatment of the material, and the depth and extent of the material covered challenge students. Admittance to these courses may be automatic or require some prerequisite as indicated in the course description.

Grade-Weighted Classes:

The content, the treatment of material in depth and speed, and the expectations of students for independent pursuit of course goals are greater in Grade-Weighted Classes. Students musit be highly motivated, able to work independently and creatively, and capable of high quality inductive and deductive reasoning. They must possess a real desire to learn and a willingness to face the challenge of learning. They must have developed good study habits and be able to communicate well orally and in writing.

Advanced Placement Classes:

The content, the treatment of material, and the expectations of students exceed those in grade-weighted courses. Advanced Placement (AP) is a cooperative educational program of the College Board. Based on the fact that many young people can complete college-level studies in their secondary schools, it represents a desire of schools and colleges to foster such experiences. The A.P. program is national. The policies are determined by representatives of member institutions, and the operational services are provided by Educational Testing Service. Students taking A.P. courses usually take the appropriate A.P. examination in the spring to determine college credit.


In order to be accepted into a Grade Weighted and/or Advanced Placement course, a student must have (1) an A or B in a prerequisite course and must have (2) a recommendation by an instructor of a prerequisite class.

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