Catholic Athletes For Christ

Catholic Athletes for Christs’ mission is to serve Catholic athletes and share the Gospel of Christ in and through athletics.  Meetings occurr about twice a month and  which tie Catholic teaching in with some aspect of athletics.  We are also sponsor kickoff masses for the different seasons sports clubs. We also got involved in volunteer work around the community with such groups as the Knights of Columbus and Special Olympics.  CAC is a national organization which also offers different retreats, speakers, and other activities.

Purpose: Falling under the Ministries of Service and Justice, Evangelization, and Leadership Development, Catholic Athletes for Christ is a great opportunity for students to learn how faith ties into all aspects of their lives.  It is not necessary for them to put their lives into different boxes, where they are a Catholic over here and an athlete over there.  By practicing their faith on the field or on the court, students learn to make their faith a part of every aspect of their lives.  This includes using the skills of athletics to serve others as well.  

“Once a month, Catholic Athletes of Christ (CAC) gets together in the morning before school and has meetings. At these meetings, we talk about what we can do to better ourselves on and off the court. I enjoy raising money for the Special Olympics and organizing the sales for the event. I’ve been in CAC for three years and enjoy getting together with my classmates and peers to help our community and raise awareness about Special Olympics. It feels good to know we help others achieve their goals and dreams.” -Monica Brown, class of 2019

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