QND Christian Service Program

Mission Statement: The mission of the QND Christian Service Program is to develop in our students an awareness of the need for them to serve as Christ served, develop their social conscience and to develop the desire to be of assistance to others in their community.

The QND service program further enriches students by providing them with diverse volunteer opportunities in order to broaden their experiences of helping others outside of their families and neighbors.

We wish students to become familiar with the many non-profit organizations and worthwhile community service programs that exist in our area. We hope that they may find fulfillment in their volunteering and continue to offer their service after they leave Quincy Notre Dame.

QND Christian Service Hours Form


  • Minimum of Ten (10) hours are required each year.
  • Extra hours may not carry over from one school year to the next.
  • Volunteer work must be fully documented in ink on the service form provided by QND and TURNED IN WITHIN TWO WEEKS of the date service was performed.
  • Only non-profit organizations from the the approved QND list or opportunities provided through the service coordinator will be accepted. Fundraisers for individual sports or clubs in which the student is a member will not receive credit for working the event or assisting in the fundraiser. Students will NOT receive credit for work done for private businesses or individuals.

Hour Restrictions:

  • Maximum of four (4) hours for any single organization per year.
  • Maximum of two (2) hours sports related per year.


Students will receive one-fourth (1/4) credit hour for the completion of service hours.

10 hours = A
9 hours = B
8 hours = C
7 hours = D
Less than 7 hours = F

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