Lowell Wasson

Year Inducted:

Lowell WassonInducted 2012.  Has Been a Fixture at Quincy Notre Dame Games as a Ticket Taker for 43 Years.

Lowell Wasson remembers the first game at which he volunteered to take tickets. His children were about ready to start school at Quincy Notre Dame, and he and his wife, Mary, had always enjoyed going to watch the high school’s games. They were about to attend a football game during the fall of 1969.

“I just thought, ‘I’d like to do that,’ so I asked Virgil (Niewohner),” Wasson said. “They put me to work that same night. I remember it was colder than hell, and they put me in that little brick building at the south end of Q-Stadium. I’ve taken tickets ever since.”

Wasson, 81, has been a fixture at Quincy Notre Dame games as a ticket taker for 43 years. Even after his four children — Kent, Keith, Karen and Kathy — graduated from QND, Wasson stayed involved. When he retired after working for 20 years at Westview Golf Course and Moorman’s before that, he kept attending games. And when Mary, his wife of 53 years, died in Aug. 2008, hehelped at even more games.

“I’ve sold tickets to about everything,” he said. “I just got involved and I liked what I was doing, we always went to the ballgames anyway. Since my wife died, I even go over there even more than I used to. It’s something for me to do. I know a lot of people, I just keep doing it, and I’m still there.”

In addition to taking tickets, Wasson has been involved with many fundraising events, such as bingo, pancake and sausage breakfasts, sports banquets and various dinners throughout the years. He served as the president of the Fathers and Friends Club in 1974.

I would like to thank the Hall of Fame committee for recognizing me and including me in this year’s inductees. It is truly an honor to be grouped with these fine young men andwomen. I began taking tickets at QND sporting events in 1969 and have met hundreds of good athletes, their families and followers. These years have rewarded me with many life-long relationships. I also would like to thank my family for their support for all the years. My wife Mary and our four children — Kent, Keith, Karen and Kathy — all graduated from QND. Volunteering at QND has been a “way of life” for me, and I hope to have many more years to come. — Lowell Wasson

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