Mike Barton

Year Inducted:

Mike BartonInducted 2003.  QND’s No. 1 Fan.  Class of 1961.

This man has never made a tackle, taken a shot, thrown a pitch or kicked a ball in the name of Quincy Notre Dame, but there is no doubt that no person has ever cared more about this high school’s athletic teams than Mike Barton.

Mike graduated from QND in 1961, and he began following the Raiders’ sports teams well before then. He has strolled the sidelines at boys and girls games for QND, Christian Brothers and Catholic Boys, as well as for countless CYO games involving Quincy’s parochial schools. Mike is often seen around town pedaling his bike to games, and once he arrives at his destination, he’s rarely without his trusty transistor radio that is usually glued to his ear. If he’s not at a game involving the Raiders, he also follows the Quincy High School and Quincy University teams with similar enthusiasm.

It is amazing and heartwarming for QND athletes and their parents to realize how Mike has followed every step of their career, and he will often recite their deeds to anyone who asks. Mike knows all of the names — first and last — of everybody he has followed and supported, and he often remembers more about a player’s career than they or even their parents do.

QND honored Mike’s loyalty, support and dedication a few years ago when he was presented with a leather jacket during a special night for him before a boys basketball game. Tonight’s induction into the QND Hall of Fame cements Mike’s status as the number one Raider fan of all time.

“Thanks to the QND Hall of Fame Committee and to Quincy Notre Dame for this wonderful honor. The Raiders, the Lady Raiders and all of the teams and individuals in the CYO leagues have always been my favorite teams to follow. Sports and following the Raiders have been my life-long passion. I also appreciate so much Mr. Ray Heilmann and all the staff, coaches, teachers and students who have been a part of Quincy Christian Brothers, Catholic Boys and Notre Dame. As a graduate of CBHS and a supporter of the school, to be recognized for my support and loyalty gives me a very warm feeling. I am very thankful.”

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