QND Honors Staff Members

After the final all-school Mass on April 17, QND celebrated three amazing ladies on their upcoming retirements and thanked them for all they have done to make QND a better place. They will certainly be missed and we wish them nothing but the best in the future!

QND also had the privilege of honoring numerous staff members on their years of service to QND.

In total, the people recognized have dedicated over 135 total years to QND. They don’t view their work as a job, they view it as a vocation, a calling. Thank you all for your service to QND!

QND Retirees (pictured below left to right)

Mrs. Mary Pat Vahlkamp, 15 years - Director of Enrollment Management
Mrs. Karen Harris, 8 years - Coordinator/Learning Specialist
Mrs. Leslie Loyd, 8 years - English and Speech Teacher

Staff Honorees (pictured below left to right)

Mr. David Damm, 10 years - Science Teacher
Mr. Bob Sheffield, 25 years - Counselor and Teacher
Mrs. Diane Kasparie, 25 years - Academic Dean of Curriculum and Instruction
Mr. Nathan Koetters, 10 years - History Teacher
Mrs. Cindy Bozarth, 10 years - Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Kathryn Untiedt, 10 years - English Teacher
(Not Pictured) Mr. Kurt Stuckman, 15 years - Executive Director of the QND Foundation
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